Fashion fact: "Pretty in pastel"

Lovely, lovely trend: Pastel

Pastel is one of the most adorable fashion trends 2013. In combination with lace, floral prints,
frill or just simple colours pastel will give you the "finishing touch" to your daily outfit.

To give you some inspiration here some expressive pastel outfits from our favorite lookbookers.

Mary Volkova (Mint stripes & pastel pink)
I love this combination a lot! The simple composition of the rosé-coloured, silky blouse, light blue jeans and wedge heels- just lovely and delicious! ( http://lookbook.nu/shetneev )

Bobby Raffin (All you need is a little LOVE)
Pastel is just a girlie fashion trend?..definitely not! Have an inspired look on Bobby Raffin. He combinates different pastel colours together and our assessment: "Thanks Bobby for showing us  that also guys can look hot in pastel"

Petra Karlsson (White lace and pink pants)
 She combinates a sweetly white lace shirt with a rosé high-waist chino pants. Lovely combination, Petra!

Our favorite designers (Dior and Marc Jakobs !) swear on marvellous designs in combination with pastel colours.
We looked up after them and we compiled them to a little "fashion show". So lean back and enjoy it,  the curtain is rising!





We're so sorry for not posting a long time, but the desire to read our lovely posts has an end!


So the next days will be stuffed with new adorable fashion facts, trends and also lovely daily outfits.

So keep on reading and enjoy us


MaisonSou meets Jeroy Balmores

Jeroy Balmores is an 24 year old fashion blogger. I love  him and his inspiring outfits.
I think specially Jeroy is the best role model to show how self-confident you have to be in the world of fashion, so a big thank you to you Jeroy for having this lovely little interview with us!
Have a look on his terrific blog (houseofjeroy.blogspot.com), tumblr (houseofjeroy.tumblr.com/) and also his lookbook site (lookbook.nu/jeroy).

#1  What inspires you to your looks?
Tumblr. I love tumblr, the site has so many inspiring photos. I am spending so much time browsing tumblr. Andre Chang & Lauren Uy.

#2  What do you do when you're not on the camera? 
I work on my parents business. 
#3  When did you starting to blog about your fashion? 
My blog started at 2010, When I was graduated in college.
#4  Did you receive free gifts from a shop?
We love colors (http://www.welovecolors.com/) I made an article for them.
     -What was your first free gift?
       They sent me colored stockings. That was 2009-10.
     -How did you feel about this? 
       Who doesn't love free goodies. Lol 
#5  What do you wear when you're going to work?
 I try to dress comfortably, but chic at the same time.
#6  What's your favorite outfit at the moment?


#7  Whose style do your admire? 
Andre Chang, Lauren Uy. I love these two, They have quirky style too.
#8  Describe us a perfect daily outfit!
Wear stunning pair of heels but comfortable at the same time, wear something neon or pastels.

Merci, Jeroy <3


Polyvore Inspiration

Unbenannt #4


Unbenannt #1

Unbenannt #3 

Unbenannt #2


Well i guess my style is not very girly.. but doesn't matter, i just love these clothes
Lots of love, P


MaisonSou meets Gabriela Grebska

Gabriela is an 16 year old girl from Poland and one of our absolute favorite lookbookers. We love her looks and 
style so we asked her for a little interview. A big thank you to Gabi that she allowed us 
to use some of her lovely photos. Also check out her tumblr mowmigaba.tumblr.com
and follow her on facebook  www.facebook.com/Kolorowa-Dusza .

What is your favorite garment in your wardrobe?
My favorite garment at the moment is perfect for winter black jacket from Zara. 

Who is your fashion idol?
I really don't have any idol, but I like Olsen sisters, Olivia Palermo & Taylor Momsen style.

What inspires you to your looks?/ What do yo want to express with your looks?
I think that everything inspire me... magazines, street fashion, photo shoots, other girls (on lookbook, blogs), music.. I just want to show what I've got inside, in my soul.

Why do you publish your looks on lookbook.nu?
Mostly because it's great opportunity to get some new fans and followers on my blog.
What do you think: What are the "must-haves" in this year?
Everything connected with boho style: crochet, lace clothes, tassels, fringes, cowboy boots. This is it!

What do you do when you're not posting your looks on lookbook.nu?
I'm a high school student, I love going out with my friends, riding a horse, taking photos, travelling... 

What is your motto?
"If you want to be happy, don't fumble at your memory"

Tell us: What are your resolutions for 2013?
First of all, be a better person and enjoy every moment of my life. I also want to have a better condition.

We ask her for choosing one of each ...

 Merci, Gabriela



all via topshop, romwe, zalando, zara

SouDesire? - Totally YES.

You see a small choice of my favorite shoes above. No matter which color, form or sample, I love shoes, like every woman.
But most done has Loafers and Creepers to me (above)
A short explanation for those, who don't know who these schoes are.
Loafers are a kind of ballerina which has however a pulled up "shoe tongue"... hope you understand what I mean
Creepers are shoes with high or low plateau sole and mostly they're very swanky with a lacing. 
I woulh lie if I say my whole cupboard consists of those shoes. But time by time I develop a enthusiasm for these lovely Sous.
AND I hope I will stand for my resolution, which you can see here ,that I will save my money for buying some of those shoes one by one.

 Now a little announcement for some next posts.Be excited of them, because MaisonSou will meet some lookbookers from lookbook.nu
So go on reading and support us via tumblr,twitter and maybe soon via a new faceboook site.

xxx, L 


Summer/Pre-Fall Flashback 2012

Two pictures I took this summer. I really miss summer and I can't wait the time to pass by until it's summer again. It's so much more beautiful than the cold, rainy and cloudy days in winter, ugh. Pictures like these take me back to the warm, chilly and long days in summer I love. Winter is my time to feel lonely, I often get sad. Especially at New Year's Eve when all the couples were standing together and kissing while fireworks were around. This was the point i thought: You need good resolutions to change your life. 2013 could be your year, so get it started!

Do I have any New Year's resolutions? YES!
1. I want to find love. 
2.I want to stop thinking so much about everything that happens and just enjoy my life.
3. Stay good with my friends, but meet new people I can trust in, too. 
4. I want to eat healthy and clean and to train my body. 

The first week in 2013 is over and i haven't broke any of my resolutions yet. I hope I stay strong for the rest of the year, haha
Lots of love, P

I found my inspirations and maybe kind of resolutions very soon after the beginning of 2012-
Pre-Fall. That year was the dawning of a wonderful relationship..My boyfriend and I saw us for the first time and heretofore he is mine....ough, that sounds very poetical.
Besides I really miss summer, it's not just that I love the feeling of sand crunching between my toes, but I still love lots of summer trends like pastel colours or using so much lace as you can.
Now I'm wandering off the topic. 
My resolutions?-Very easy and open. I made a little list: 
  • Saving every month a few euros for buying then a fashionhighlight or trend like a new designbag or shoes
  •  Seeing my friends more often and maybe doing some stupid things..thihi
  • and in the end: To become more ambitionous and less moody

xxx, L


New Admin

There will be some changes in our posting-behaviour.
Our topics will be -of course- fashion, various things about lookbook.nu (like an interview with a nice lookbooker), tumblr and twitter and maybe we will start posting personal things about ourselves.
We hope you enjoy our blog and we look forward feedbacks to improve our blog :)
Kisses, P